Hi, I am Megumi!

Who I am

I like to do so many things, I can hardly decide what to do first.

That comes with the shortage, that I need much more time to learn each skill than someone who specializes and does only one thing. It's a bit depressing sometimes. But I managed to find some kind of routine and some of my skills are getting presentable. What ever I do, I love doing it, and I think that is one of my key traits.

I am in my thirtys now and mother of two, learned this and that here and there. Some people might call me career changer, as I like jumping in at the deep end and flounder about until I learn to swim.

My main profession is being human, and I dare to say I'm good in my job. Then I like to draw, paint, tinker, sew, design, bake, decorate and learn so much, I don't have any time for hobbies. Or nothing but hobbies. Or my hobbies are my profession. Sometimes I even get paid for it!

How I work

In what ever cooperation it's very important to me that both parties feel comfortable. Reliability, good manners and humor are most welcome.

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